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Cakes of Light

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The Cakes of Light contain meal, honey, and oil for their base. The meal contains carbohydrates, oil for fats, and honey for proteins. Carbs, oils, and fats are macronutrients which are essential to living organisms. The Cakes of Light also have for their symbolism the five elements: meal (Prithivi, Earth), honey (Vayu, Air), olive oil (Apas, Water), Oil of Abramelin (Tejas, Fire), and conditioner (Akasha, Spirit). The Cake of Light can be identified with the Sun. On the Tree of Life, Tiphareth is the sixth Sephiroth and lies on the Middle Pillar.

Cakes of Light Recipe from The Book of the Law

How to Make Wine Leavings

Items needed:

Place juice into glass jug and allow it to reach room temperature. Pour yeast into jug. Cork jug and shake to mix well. Place 1 teaspoon of vodka into fermentation lock and add water to fill fermentation lock about half full. Place fermentation lock on jug. Keep jug out of direct sun at room temperature and let set about 3 weeks. Within 24-48 hours it should start to produce gas that will be let off through the fermentation lock. When it is producing minimal gas, 1-2 bubbles per minute, it is ready. Gently pour off most of the liquid and discard, leaving 1-2 cups of liquid. Swirl jug and mix the leavings in the bottom of the jug with the liquid. Pour this into a mason jar and refrigerate for use in cakes of light. You may pour off more liquid later after the leavings have settled. This will keep for a long time in the refrigerator.

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