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Bardesanes (July 11, 154–c.222), also known as Bar-Daisan, was a Gnostic Christian writer and poet. He was born in the Syrian city-state of Edessa (now called Urfa, or Sanliurfa, in southern Turkey), where he later became a missionary after his conversion in 179. He was able to convert the king of Edessa, Abgar IX, who established Bardesanes' version of Christianty as the state religion—which ended when Edessa was conquered by the Roman Emperor Caracalla in 216.

His most important writing was arguably The Dialogue of Destiny, or The Book of the Laws of the Countries, which seems to be heavily influenced by gnostic teachings, Hermeticism, and Chaldean mythology and astrology (Sabazius, 1995). In it, he wrote the following:

Later in life, he translated many of his teachings into the form of hymns with the help of his son, Harmonius. At the time, these hymns earned him renown. Years after his death, however, many writers denounced Bardesanes as a heretic.


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