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Karl Germer

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Karl Germer Born 22 January 1885 in Elberfeld, Germany, Died 25 October 1962 in Westpoint, California. Crowley’s representitive in Germany, who came over to America after being released from Nazi confinement.

For his connection to Crowley, Germer was arrested once he returned to Germany and, after ten days in jail, he was imprisoned in Columbia House Concentration Camp in Berlin. After a while, he was transferred to Esterwegen Concentration Camp, which was on the Dutch frontier. He states that he received Knowledge & Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel while in Nazi confinement by reading and memorizing passages from the Holy Books of Thelema. He escaped Germany to Belgium and was then imprisoned in a French concentration camp. In 1942, Crowley appointed him as his successor as Outer Head of the Order of Ordo Templi Orientis, the office he filled after the death of Crowley in 1947.

Germer was under suspicion by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1942 for being a Nazi sympathizer because of his connection to Aleister Crowley, despite the fact that he was imprisoned by the Nazis and would have been the last person to assist them.

Germer buried Crowley's ashes in a strong box near a tree in Hampton, New Jersey. However, he has not been able to find the ashes since that time, only finding a few nails from the strong box when he attempted to dig up the ashes when he was moving to California.

Germer died as a result of a botched surgery for prostate cancer of the groin.


Karl Germer was criticized for not working to expand the order and limiting initiations to people already initiated into the Order. Germer's focus was placed on publishing the works of Aleister Crowley instead.

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