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Sex magick

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Part of the Magick in Theory & Practice series.

Sex magick is quite simply the use of sex as a tool in magick. This definition is complete but not especially useful, as it is extraordinarily broad, particularly if one accepts the premise that every willed act is a magical act.

In common usage, the term "sex magick" is applied more narrowly to magical formulae and rituals which make use of the sex act itself as an integral element. As such, it is closely related to tantra, which involves the use of sex (and related energies and functions) as an element of yoga. Indeed, the disciplines and techniques of tantra are extremely useful in sex magick. A thorough theoretical and practical grounding in tantra is an effective preparation for sex magick.

Sex magick techniques can be used in any operation, but the particular symbolism and mechanics of sex make it most suitable for works involving union of opposites, creation, and transformation. Any successful magical operation creates a "magical child" on some plane, but this effect is especially strong in sexual operations. Obviously, one potential plane on which such a child can appear is the material plane, if conception occurs; see Aleister Crowley's novel Moonchild ( for an illustrative fictional account of such a case.

Many esoteric organizations teach (or are rumored to teach) particular forms of sex magick, including the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Sex Magick Papers by Aleister Crowley

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