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The Sworn Book of Honorius

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The Sworne Booke of Honorius or Liber Juratus is one among many grimoires that circulate among occultists, both of the academic and practitioner interests. It was probably written in the thirteenth century. Containing instructions on how to conjure and command demons, to work other magical operations, and knowledge of what lies in Heaven among other highly sought information. Like many grimoires, this one has lengthy dissertations for proper operation and seals to be used.

A recent Latin edition is published by Gösta Hedegård[1] (

This book is one of the oldest existing medieval grimoires as well as one of the most influential. It is said that Dr. John Dee, creator (or transmitter) of the Enochian magic system, had this book in his private library. It is probably one of a few books that influenced his metaphysical and occult works. Another famous occultist, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa has also been rumored to be influenced by this work.

The Liber Juratus can be classified as a Solomonic Grimoire due to its heavy use of angelic powers and seals like those found in The Greater Key of Solomon. It may also be grouped with Kabbalistic works, though its use of the Kabbalah is remote.


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