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Thelemapedia:Apply for Stewardship

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On this page you can apply for Stewardship on Thelemapedia. See the Stewardship page for a description of responsibilities and privileges of Thelemapedia Stewards.

Stewardship is generally granted to trusted members of the community who are familiar with Thelemapedia policies and have a substantial history of contributing to the site. They should be able to discuss issues without becoming personal. Even in the face of abuse and irrationality, a Steward should show patience and a willingness to listen and compromise. Finally, a Steward must be willing to do admin chores, such as making good wiki links, correcting errors, improving the category system, and maintaining the integrity of the various sections.

Application process

As the site grows, it is expected that the process for choosing new Stewards will change over time. However, at this time, the currect process is as follows:

1) Copy the data exactly as you see it inside the box below (copy the code here on the page, not in the editing field). Then edit this page and paste it under the section "Current Applications":


'''Why I would make a good Steward:'''




'''Questions for the candidate'''


When you paste the code, it should look like this:


Why I would make a good Steward:




Questions for the candidate

2) Write in why you think you would make a good steward.

3) You may choose to answer any questions people pose.

All users are invited to participate. Any editor may have a say in the process by making a comment in the appropriate section (support, oppose, neutral) or by asking a question. If you do make a comment or question, be sure to begin it with an * and sign your name (with three or four tildas: ~~~~).

The final decision will be made by the current Stewards, to be ratified by the current Scarlet Woman Lodge Master, who will certainly take all comments under consideration.

Current Applications

Frater C.U.G.

Approved. —Fr. Ash— 11:03, 2 Jul 2005 (CDT)


Approved. Frater C.U.G. 00:59, 13 Nov 2005 (CST)

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