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Aleister Crowley

What is Thelemapedia?

Thelemapedia is an encyclopedia written collaboratively by a group of volunteer editors. The topics revolve around the philosophy/religion of Thelema and the practice of magick as generally taught by Aleister Crowley. The technology of Thelemapedia is called a Wiki, which allows pages to be quickly and easily edited by anyone using an ordinary web browser. Generally, very little code is needed for formatting, most of which is easy to learn and use. Everyone is welcome to become an editor and add to the encyclopedia.


The main features of Thelemapedia are:

  1. Articles—any editor can create and/or edit an article. Every page includes a:
    1. Talk page—every page has a corresponding "Talk Page" (which can be seen by clicking on "discussion" on the top grey navigation bar). This page is used to discuss the topic, ask questions, and to work out disagreements.
    2. History page—this page will show all the various changes the page has gone through in the editing process.
  2. Editing—a core feature of Thelemapedia is the ability to edit articles.
  3. Recent changes—The Recent changes page shows all the different edits that occur on the entire site
  4. User page—Everyone who signs up as an editor has a user page that they may create however they wish. If you visit a member's user page you can: see that members contributions, send him/her an email, and leave comments or questions on their discussion page. Whenever a comment is added to a user's talk page, a notice appears to that user the next time he or she logs in.
  5. Watchlist—articles can be added to your watchlist, so that you can keep up with changes in specific articles
  6. Special Pages—many other features of Thelemapedia can be found in the Special Pages section, including statistics, navigational tools, and file uploads.
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