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The following templates allow you to easily incorporate various esoteric symbols and other useful elements into your pages. Simply use the template name in curly braces {{like this}}. Some look better when enlarged, but most are recognizable at the size of letters.

Table of contents


To write ☉ in ♈, ☽ in ♓, dies ♂, Anno IV:xvii, simply use:

 {{sol}} in {{aries}}, {{luna}} in {{pisces}}, dies {{mars}}, Anno IV:xvii

Note: The templates for sun and sol are two different things!

Where more than one template is listed, use any of those shown. Whichever is easiest for you to remember!

List of Templates

Miscellaneous Symbols

you type you get
{{degree}}, {{degrees}}

Classical Planets

you type you get

Outer Planets

you type you get

The Zodiac

you type you get

Trigrams (Ba gua)

you type you get
{{chien}}, {{qien}}
{{t'ui}}, {{dui}}
{{chen}}, {{zhen}}
{{sun}}, {{xun}}
{{k'an}}, {{kan}}
{{ken}}, {{gen}}

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