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In Hinduism a Yuga or "Age" is one quarter of 1/1,000th of a single day in the life of the deity, Brahma. The "Ages" are not equal in length and represent the progressive triumph of discord over wisdom.

Demarcation of the Yugas

Each period is named after the scoring of a throw in the ancient Indian game of dice.

They are as follows:

The Life of Brahma

The Yugas when taken as a whole represent 1/1,000th of a day in the life of the god Brahma. Therefore, one day in Brahma's life equates to 2,160,000,000 solar years. At the end of this period everything save the sages, gods and tattvas is destroyed by fire in what is called the pralaya. Brahma sleeps through this evening and, upon awakening, a new world is created and the cycle begins again. There are 360 such days in one of Brahman's years, and the god is said to live for 100 of these years. At the end of his 100th year Brahma, the Universe, and all things dissolve into their constituent elements. One life of Brahama lasts 77,760,000,000,000 solar years.


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