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Tree of Life:Tarot

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Part of the Tree of Life series

T H E   T R E E   O F   L I F E

The Tree of Life includes
The 10 Emanations or Sephiroth
The 22 Paths that connect them
The Correspondences

Columns from Liber 777:
  • XIV—"General Attribution of Tarot"
  • LXXI-LXXIV—"The Court Cards of the Tarot, with the Spheres of their Celestial Dominion (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pantacles)
  • CLXXIX—"Numbers printed on the Tarot Trumps"
  • CLXXX—"Title of Tarot Trumps"
  • CLXXXI—"Correct Design of Tarot Trumps"
  • CXXIX-CXXXII—"Pairs of Angels ruling (Wands, Cups, Swords, Coins)"

Within the western magical tradition, the Tree of Life is used as a kind of conceptual filing cabinet within the larger system of the Qabalah, the use of which was central to the mystical teachings of Aleister Crowley. Each sephera ("Emination") and path is assigned various ideas, such as astrological planets and signs, cards of the Tarot, and the classical elements. Many of these correspondances were gathered together in Crowley's book Liber 777, which is used for these listings.

The conventional 78-card Tarot deck is structured into two distinct parts—the 22 cards of the Major Arcana (also called the Trumps or the Atu) and the Minor Arcana, which are composed of four suits (often a variation of cups, swords, wands, and disks). Each suit has ten numbered cards and four "court" cards (usually a variation on kings, queens, princes, and princesses).

Table of contents

The Ten Sephiroth

1 Kether—The 4 Aces
The Aces are representitive of the four basic elements: Water (Cups), Air (Swords), Fire (Wands), Earth (Disks). However, the elements are not yet manifested in material form...they are in a state of raw potential.

2 Chokmah—The 4 Twos, also the Kings
The elements are now defined in their purest, most harmonious form.

3 Binah—The 4 Threes, also Queens
Things are in motion, but not yet realized.

4 Chesed—The 4 Fours
Here we have the first manifestation, so the Fours are representitive of materialization and solidification. They are symbolized by the Rule of Law, so that there is stability, but in a constrained manner.

5 Geburah—The 4 Fives
The locked system of the Fours has now become upset. The truce has been broken and there is great motion and instability.

6 Tiphareth—The 4 Sixes, also Princes
The four Sixes are representative of their respective elements at their practical best. These cards are symbolized by the ideas of balance and harmony.

7 Netzach—The 4 Sevens
The energy of the elements are now weak and unbalanced. The illusary world of Venus is in play here. This is the realm of the base emotions.

8 Hod—The 4 Eights
The Eights are ruled by Mercury, and so are airy and fleeting. Practical thoughtfulness is active, but on a lower, "real-world" level.

9 Yesod—The 4 Nines
The general rule of the Nines is "change is stability." Although the Nines are cards of pleasure, it is the pleasure of illusion, since they are ruled by the faint light of Luna.

10 Malkuth—The 4 Tens, also Princesses
Finally all things come to an end. The elements have exhausted their energy. However, being the end, it is also the place preceding new beginnings.

The 22 Paths

11 AlephThe Fool (Atu 0)
Title: The Spirit of Αιθηρ ("Ayther")

12 BethThe Magus (Atu I)
Title: The Magus of Power

13 GimelThe Priestess (Atu II)
Title: The Priestess of the Silver Star

14 DalethThe Empress (Atu III)
Title: The Daughter of the Mighty Ones

15 The Emperor (Atu IV)
Title: The Son of the Morning, chief among the Mighty

16 VauThe Hierophant (Atu V)
Title: The Magus of the Eternal

17 ZainThe Lovers (Atu VI)
Title: The Children of the Voice: the Oracle of the Mighty Gods.

18 ChethThe Chariot (Atu VII)
Title: The Child of the Powers of the Waters: the Lord of the Triumph of Light

19 TethAdjustment (Atu VIII)
Title: The Daughter of the Flaming Sword

20 YodThe Hermit (Atu IX)
Title: The Prophet of the Eternal, the Magus of the Voice of Power

21 KaphFortune (Atu X)
Title: The Lord of the Forces of Life

22 LamedLust (Atu XI)
Title: The Daughter of the Lords of Truth. The Ruler of the Balance.

23 MemThe Hanged Man (Atu XII)
Title: The Spirit of the Mighty Waters

24 NunDeath (Atu XIII)
Title: The Child of the Great Transformers. The Lord of the Gate of Death.

25 SamekhArt (Atu XIV)
Title: The Daughter of the Reconcilers, the Bringer-Forth of Life

26 AyinThe Devil (Atu XV)
Title: The Lord of the Gates of Matter. The Child of the Forces of Time.

27 The Tower (Atu XVI)
Title: The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

28 TzaddiThe Star (Atu XVII)
Title: The Daughter of the Firmament. The Dweller between the Waters.

29 QophThe Moon (Atu XVIII)
Title: The Ruler of Flux and Reflux. The Child of the Sons of the Mighty.

30 ReshThe Sun (Atu XIX)
Title: The Lord of the Fire of the World

31 ShinThe Aeon (Atu XX)
Title: The Spirit of the Primal Fire

32 TauThe Universe (Atu XXI)
Title: The Great One of the Night of Time

32-bis 32-bis—The Queens

31-bis 31-bis—All 22 Atu

Correct Design of Tarot Trumps

The Elements

The Planets

The Zodiac

Pairs of Angels ruling the Suits






*1 Kether:
*2 Chokmah: רניאל והואל חבויה איעאל מבהאל יזלאל ושריה לכבאל
*3 Binah: עממיה החשיה יבמיה ראהאל הקמיה הריאל להחיה יחויה
*4 Chesed: ניתאל ננאאל מומיה הייאל כליאל לאויה מנדאל הוקיה
*5 Geburah: יליאל והואי פהליה לוויה חעמיה אניאל פויאל מבהיה
*6 Tiphareth: צלמיה סיטאל יייאל נלכאל ייזאל רהעאל יילאל נממיה
*7 Netzach: ללהאל מהשיה ההויה מלהסל מיכאל הההאל מצראל הרהאל
*8 Hod: האאיה נתהיה ילהיה ווליה יההאל ומבאל כהיאל אכאיה
*9 Yesod: שאהיה ירתאל עריאל סאליה מהיאל ענואל אלריה הזיאל
*10 Malkuth: אומאל רייאל מיהאל עשליה מנקאל דמביה ההעיה לאויה

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The Sephera: 1 Kether, 2 Chokmah
3 Binah, 4 Chesed, 5 Geburah
6 Tiphareth, 7 Netzach, 8 Hod
9 Yesod, 10 Malkuth

The Key Scale—the numerical organizational tool of the Tree.

Major Correspondences:

Astrological Angels

The Four Worlds

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The Paths:

11 Aleph
12 Beth
13 Gimel
14 Daleth
16 Vau
17 Zain
18 Cheth
19 Teth
20 Yod
21 Kaph

22 Lamed
23 Mem
24 Nun
25 Samekh
26 Ayin
28 Tzaddi
29 Qoph
30 Resh
31 Shin
32 Tau

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